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Nationwide Services

Cleriance Solutions began life as a Southeastern Wisconsin resident.  Although the sun has essentially set on our time in Wisconsin, we’re just not willing to leave our Wisconsin friends behind or anyone else in this great United States of America!  As such, we are continuing to offer our services from sea to shining sea.  Regardless of your company’s bookkeeping needs, we’ve got you covered!

New Client Set Up


This is a specific service for new QuickBooks clients who just need a hand getting their financials up and running.  Whether you have been in business since 1942, have just purchased your business license, or are somewhere in between, we will get you up and running in record time.  Just one more way we help you to concentrate on running your business, instead of having to focus on all the nuances.

Monthly Bookkeeping


We are pleased to offer full-charge bookkeeping services, all of which are designed to help keep your business healthy and on track.  By not offering “packages”, each client is free to pick and choose the services that best meet their business needs without paying for what they don’t need.  These services include:

​Accounts Payable

Accounts Receivable

Bank and Credit Card Reconciliations

General Journal Entries and Adjustments

Invoicing Services

Record Payments

Month-End Closing Procedures

Year-End Closing Procedures

Financial Reports

    (i.e. P&L, Balance Sheet)

Advisory Services

Payroll & Regulatory Filings


Our Payroll services also have the ability to be what you need for them to be.  No more, no less.  These services are provided weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly and include the first two columns below.

Business/Regulatory tax filing is one of the most important aspects of keeping a company running along smoothly.  However, these aspects can also have a somewhat daunting affect and we are happy to provide Quarterly relief in the following areas:

Prepare W4 and 1099 forms

Collect employee time commitments

Compute wages and deductions

Record payroll adjustments

Record payroll adjustments

Process and issue employee payments

Record changes to employee information

Set up new employee files

Income Business Tax Filings

Sales & Use Tax Filings

Payroll/Employee Tax Filings

Account Diagnostics, Clean Up, & Catch Up


Our account diagnostic service is a general inspection of your company’s books in an effort to ensure that every transaction is right where it should be and that everything checks and balances.  A “snap-shot” version of this service is provided as a prelude to our Clean Up and Catch Up services.


Sometimes even with our best intentions, well.  Life just happens.  This service is designed to help company owners to feel more organized and in control of their financials.  We’ll take a peek at your books, take note of inconsistencies, and wrestle it all right back in line.  So, if your financials are misbehaving, we’re all set to roll out the “behavioral modification”!

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