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About Sherri

Hey, there!  My name is Sherri Keller, and I'm a QuickBooks Online Certified Bookkeeper.  My husband, Andre', and I have relocated to the Knoxville area from Southeast Wisconsin a few years ago and have been loving life.  We have three grown children and three grandchildren, who all still live in Wisconsin.  As much as I love my "native land", I'm finding Tennessee to be full of beautiful landscapes and some truly genuine people who make this a magical place to live.  So, as much as we miss our family, Andre' and I (along with our lovable pups) are pleased as punch to call this bit of the south our home.


Over the years, my career has tossed me in a few directions, but my passion for bookkeeping has never changed.  It has always been one of my primary skills and I have a deep understanding of the importance of keeping a detailed record of financials.  Quite honestly, it can be the difference between a business experiencing long-term success or inevitably closing it's doors.

I have over 7 years of experience as a Full-Charge Bookkeeper and two years experience as a Staff Accountant.  I attribute some of my success to my customer service and employee management skills, but most of it has been due to my diligent bookkeeping and accounting practices.  Through keeping accurate records, the companies have been better equipped to utilize all of the tax credits and deductions that they have been entitled to. 

And now, here I am wondering why I should stick with one company when I have the ability to help so many more!  Are you ready to be my next client?  We can make beautiful music together; I just know it!

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